I am very excited to announce that my new project on investigating the biotic and abiotic drivers of diversification in Merianieae has been funded through the post-doc Hertha-Firnberg programme through the Austrian Science Fund FWF! 😀 I am excited to dig deeper into the tempo and mode of abiotic and biotic niche shifts and niche conservatism in Merianieae, combining phylogeographic modelling, environmental niche modelling and pollination experiments. I will switch working group at the University of Vienna to work with Dr. Stefan Dullinger and spend a year in the US working with Dr. Stacey Smith at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Dr. Laura Lagomarsino, Louisiana State University. Furthermore, I will collaborate with Dr. Mario Vallejo-Marín to refine experimental approaches to studying buzz-pollination in the field. I am very grateful to have such great mentors for my project and will provide progress updates soon!