Agnes Dellinger, PhD

Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research, University of Vienna

Rennweg 14

1030 Vienna


e-mail: agnes.dellinger[at]

twitter: @the_kunsze

In my lab, reserach revolves around the ecology and evolution of plant-animal interactions, with a particular emphasis on pollination biology. My lab is part of The Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research at the University of Vienna, which hosts four Divisions with a strong focus on organismal biology and systematics. We are most closely collaborating with the Division of Structural and Functional Botany, that features reserach on structural and ultrastructural aspects of floral evolution, pollination and palynology. My students and I work both in temperate Europe as well as in the tropics, with close ties to the Tropical Field Station La Gamba in Costa Rica.

Undergraduate students: If you are interested in joining my lab as undergraduate student, please contact me for discussing potential research topics. I am excited to advise projects both in the tropics and in the European flora (e.g. Alps).

Graduate students: With the new ERC project MountBuzz, two new PhD students have been hired and will join my lab in the course of fall 2024. There are no open positions at the moment.

Postdocs: If you are considering working with me during your postdoc, please reach out in time to discuss potential ideas and collaborations. Acquiring funding may take a while, but I am excited to support you in writing a fellowhip application and learning from each other!