Agnes S. Dellinger (ORCID)


Current Position

2021/07  Postdoctoral Research Associate (PI on T-1186), Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Smith lab), University of Colorado Boulder, USA

2021/07Postdoctoral Research Associate (PI on T-1186), Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research (Dullinger lab), University of Vienna, Austria



2019/02PhD, Botany, University of Vienna, Austria

2013/06MSc, Ecology, University of Lund, Sweden and University of Vienna, Austria

2010/06BSc, Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria

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Research experience

since 2020/09 – Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder, USA (Smith lab)

since 2016/11 – Research Associate, Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INABIO), Ecuador

2019/03 – 2021/06 – Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Vienna (FWF-Project P-30669 “Pollinator shifts and floral evolution in the Merianieae (Melastomataceae)”, Schönenberger lab)

2011 – 2018 Fieldwork in Austria, Borneo, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland

2017/10Visiting Researcher, New York Botanical Garden, USA

2014/01-12 Research Associate, University of Vienna (Dullinger lab)

Research funding

2020 FWF Hertha-Firnberg postdoctoral grant (T-1186, € 243,120.00)

2017 FWF research grant (P-30669, co-authored with PI Jürg Schönenberger; € 299,977.67)

2016 Fieldwork grant, University of Vienna, € 2,700

2012 Fieldwork grant, University of Vienna, € 1,650



2020Gertrud-Pleskot Publication Award, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna, € 7,000

2018Best student’s talk, PopBio conference, Austria

2017Best student’s talk, PopBio conference, Germany

             Outstanding Student Award, International Botanical Congress, € 130

2013 Best student’s talk, NOBIS conference, Austria, € 500

             Best student’s talk, SCAPE conference, Finland

2012 Merit scholarship, University of Vienna, € 1,227

2011 Merit scholarship, University of Vienna, € 727

Current students

2022/05 – undergraduate student Ashlee Kerber (University of Colorado Boulder): The role of Geographical, Phenological and
Ethological Isolation in Maintaining Species Boundaries in Rhexia; funded through CU Boulder’s UROP programme

2021/05 – prae-doc research associate José Miguel Valverde Espinoza (University of Vienna, Austria): Floral evolution in the tribe Blakeeae (Melatomataceae): a multifaceted approach to understanding floral diversification under variable selection regimes

2021/04 – PhD student Constantin Kopper (University of Vienna, Austria): Pantropical pollination syndromes and pollinator shifts in Melastomataceae

2021/04 MSc student Katharina Kagerl (University of Vienna, Austria): Pollination niches along altitudinal gradients in Phyteuma orbiculare (Campanulaceae)

2021/04 – MSc student Paula Huber (University of Vienna, Austria): Pollination biology and floral morphology of Austrian Clematis

Former students

2020 BSc student Fabian Polz (University of Vienna, Austria): Pollen release patterns of buzz-pollinated flowers with different architectures

2020 – 2021 – MSc student Constantin Kopper (University of Vienna, Austria): Testing pollination syndromes in Melastomataceae

2018 – 2019 MSc student José Miguel Valverde Espinoza (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica): Forma y función de los estambres de Meriania macrophylla (Benth.) Triana (Melastomataceae) e implicaciones en su polinización

2018 – 2019 MSc student Laura Kanduth (University of Vienna, Austria): Urban pollination: Plant-pollinator interactions of two Trifolium species in relation to green area size

2018 BSc student Léa Pöllabauer (University of Vienna, Austria): The function of heteranthery in Adelobotrys adscendens

2017 – 2019 –  MSc student Lisa Scheer (University of Salzburg, Austria): Floral scent in Merianieae (Melastomataceae)

2017 – 2018 MSc student Michael Rameder (University of Vienna, Austria): Pollinator shifts and their relation to stamen morphology and seed number in the Merianieae (Melastomataceae)

2016 MSc student Silvia Artuso (University of Padova, Italy): Floral morphological analyses and pollination syndrome testing in selected species of the tribe Merianieae (Melastomataceae)


Teaching activities (also see here)

2020 Methods in pollination biology (5 ECTS)

2019, 2020, 2021 Drivers of plant and fungal diversity: from genomes to biomes (10 ECTS)

2014 – 2020 Interdisciplinary ecological field course (5 ECTS)

2012, 2013 Diversity and systematics of higher plants (7 ECTS, student tutor)


Organized conferences and workshops

ECOFLOR 2021 – Workshop: Towards a conceptual frame to study floral form and function in pollination. online, May 26t 2021 (co-organized with Rocío Pérez-Barrales (Univ. de Granada, Spain), Øystein Opedal (Univ. of Lund, Sweden).

GMAustria – 2019 National Symposium Geometric Morphometrics Austria. Vienna, Austria; March 27-28 2019 (co-organization with Marion Chartier, Nicole Grunstra, Anne Le-Maître, Sonja Windhager).

PopBio 2018. Innsbruck, Austria; May 3-5 2018 (Erschbamer, Schönswetter, Pagitz, Schallhart, Margreiter, Nicklas, Dellinger, Pernfuß)

LAF Austria, 34th annual meeting. Strobl am Wolfgangsee, Austria; May 18-20 2018. Workshop “Biologische Korridore – Bedeutung für Natur und Mensch im modernen Lateinamerika”; accepted languages: English, German, Spanish. 6_Biologische-Korridore.pdf


Editorial activities

2022 – guest editor for American Journal of Botany (special issue: Pollen as the link between phenotype and fitness, co-editors: Vinicius de Brito, Nathan Muchhala, Øystein Opedal, Rocío Pérez-Barrales)

2021 -guest editor for the book “Melastomataceae systematics, ecology and evolution.” (Springer, in press)